I am a Self-Employed Outdoor Environmental Educator

from and living on the West Coast of Scotland.

I work with schools and community groups

delivering nature connection and heritage craft sessions.

I have trained within academic intuitions in Outdoor Environmental Education and have 8 years practical experience of working with community groups and schools in gardens and woodlands.

I am dedicated to supporting humanity to reconnect respectfully with the natural world in the urban and rural environment.

I also co-lead wilderness expeditions for young people

of rural Ireland as an Outdoor Learning Trainer with FOLM. 

This is a 7 day personal social development journey. 

Certification Summary:

  • Outdoor First Aider
  • Woodland Activity Leader
  • Branching Out Leader
  • John Muir Award Leader
  • Permaculture Design Certificate
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Outdoor Environmental Sustainability Education



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Roisin offers the following workshops to children and community groups across Scotland, adapting sessions to meet you and the environment.


Nature Connection and Ecology 

Ancient Crafts

Connective Organic Gardening 

Herbs and Remedies 

Roisin has experience of delivering nature connection sessions to:

Early Years

Children 6 to 12 years (after school, within school, home school)

Teenagers (within school and youth clubs)

Adults (CPD sessions, mental health support groups)


Family Sessions 

Please contact Roisin to discuss availability and rates. 

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Sapna Agarwal, Mother, Climate Activist, Organiser of Wee Rebellion Glasgow:

“I have seen Roisin at work a number of times and am always struck by how strong her focus is. She connects with children of all ages as individuals, listening and responding to their needs and ideas whilst still being mindful of the group. She is very skilled at holding space so that children and young people feel safe and comfortable to explore new concepts and share their thoughts with their peers. This very inclusive way of working encourages empathy but also provides a creative outlet. Roisin’s adaptation of The Council Of All Beings for children makes climate change issues relevant and digestible, even for very young children. It is engaging and playful in its use of painting, discussion and role play but immersive so that children are able to deepen their existing understanding of the issues and learn from each other.”

The 12 pupils of St Paul’s High School who participated in the woodland education course of Spring 2017, co-designed and co-facilitated by Roisin, were invited to evaluate their experience. Here is their response:

“What did you appreciate most from the Woodland Program?”

“Learning skills to survive”
“You trusted us”
“Learning about wildlife and the habitats”
“It was a journey“
“I liked the wood whittling”
“Learning about plants”
“I appreciated the time you have spent with us and learning how to build a fire”
“I liked building the shelter with the saws”
“You gave us responsibility”

Teachers Reflection of Outdoor Learning Week 2018

with Gleann Dhail Gaelic Primary School, Glasgow:

“Roisin is very knowledgeable, approachable and enthusiastic. Without her knowledge and expertise we would never have managed to organise such high-quality and effective learning experiences for the children by ourselves.  Roisin also has a lovely nature when working with children and the feedback from children about Roisin was all extremely positive. It was such a joy and a pleasure to work with Roisin.”

“The children were very engaged working with Roisin. She pitched the session perfectly for the stage and made an effort to use Gaelic words. Roisin is passionate about the outdoors and this enhanced pupil interest in the day. They would love the opportunity to work with her again.”

“Roisin was incredibly patient & understanding with the children, always trying hard to utilise the Gaelic she knew and keen to learn new words. The children particularly enjoyed this as it gave them the opportunity to teach! She had thought of everything & I could not have had more fun or learnt more from her. Neither could the children.”

“Roisin’s attitude to outdoor learning was inspirational. I feel much more open to going outdoors to improve behaviour and engagement regardless of weather or curricular area.”

Teacher Reflection of Outdoor Learning CPD session,

Gleann Dhail Gaelic School, Jan 2018:

“Roisin provided plenty resources to help us develop our understanding and confidence delivering outdoor learning opportunities for all ages. I enjoyed that she provided written resources and practical activities for us. She also adapted to our needs and wants as a staff.”


Paula Cowie, Wolf Ways and Wilder Ways, Fife, Autumn 2017:

“It is a pleasure to work with Roisin. She is very present in her work, and has a lovely calm but reliable way of showing up. She is very generous with sharing her skills and really cares about what the children need.”

Joanne Marr, Village Storyteller, Glasgow, August 2017:

“The Village Storytelling Centre had the pleasure of working with Roisin during the Summer holidays at the Damshot Woods site in Pollok. From planning to delivery and evaluation Roisin was organised, helpful, fun and enthusiastic. She had a quality range of activities for the young people to do that were exciting and interesting and I can highly recommend her to any other similar groups looking for a quality outdoor education experience.”

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Roisin can be contacted here.


Email: roisin.resilientroots@gmail.com

‘ I am often out of signal delivering residentials in remote areas. I appreciate your patience. I will respond as soon as I can. Thank you.’