The key stones on Roisin’s path as an Outdoor Environmental Educator, an archive of previous projects that have shaped her: 


FOLM project Ireland 

Roisin has delivered a 7 day expedition in The Knockmealdown’s to marginalised young people of rural Ireland in June 2019. This was a pilot project as part of the “From Outdoor’s to Labour Market” program. It was a personal social development journey in the wilds of Ireland rooted in The Edinburgh University Module, in alignment with the  programs delivered by The Venture Trust.


Scapa Fest 

In May 2018 and 2019, Roisin has delivered workshops in Nature Connection inclusive of foraging, outdoor cooking, sensory games and story telling to participants of all ages at Scapa Fest on the shore of Loch Fyne, Argyll.



Wilder Ways Nature Mentoring School and Wolf Ways Holiday Club, Fife  

Roisin has supported Paula Cowie’s offering of Wolf Ways since 2015. She began assisting sessions for Wolf Ways during the school holidays for 6 to 10 year olds. Paula started The Wilder Ways Nature Mentoring School in Autumn 2017 for 12 to 15 year olds on Thursday and Fridays in response to need in the community for alternative outdoor education. Roisin co-facilitated two sessions as part of this program; fish skin tanning and treasure hunt and fire challenge. A pilot of three session ran in Spring 2018 for the Wilder Ways Horizon program for 8 to 10 year old.  Roisin now leads the Horizon group once a month in preparation for them joining the older group. This is a nature mentoring program rooted in the 8 Shields, learning the land through games and ancient crafts.


Outdoor Learning Week at Ghleann Dail Primary School 

During January 2018, Roisin designed and delivered the Outdoor Learning program to all pupils within the Gaelic medium primary school in Glasgow. These comprised of full day sessions with activities of nature connection games and natural fire lighting out in all weathers. Kate Langhorne collaborated with this project to bring in the Gaelic Storytelling element. Roisin also delivered a CPD session to the teachers.



Kinghorn Outdoor Learning Program, Fife, Spring 2018

6 full day sessions delivered over the Spring term to 12 children from low income families. A nature connection journey to nurture a sense of belonging, build awareness of needs and inner resources and to have more skill in listening to others with empathy.  Roisin assisted Nova Pinfold to deliver these 6 sessions which involved games, cooking, crafting and storytelling. The funding was secured by Paula Cowie, The Earth Ship, Sustainable Communities Initiative.


The Galgael Trust 

Roisin has been part of The Galgael community since 2011. She has supported project developments at Barmaddy, Argyll since December 2016. She has facilitated workshops in traditional crafts, led woodland walks, catalysed food growing in the garden and contributed to the everyday runnings of the residential experience. Roisin co-facilitated the John Muir Award to Journey On participants of The Galgael in collaboration with Backwoods Survival School in November 2017.


Urban Roots

Sessional Worker since 2014. Throughout her time with Urban Roots, Roisin has contributed to the development of many community regeneration projects all focussed on community gardens. Here are the most significant projects she has been involved with. June til October 2016 Roisin co-facilitated the Castlemilk kids gardening club offering games, outdoor cooking and nature connection experiences as well as transforming the garden. Roisín also co-facilitated supporting adults with learning difficulties to engage with the Castlemilk garden through 2016; to explore the therapeutic nature of tending the garden, cooking and being in the outdoors. Roisín has been head chef for several sessions of outdoor cooking ‘Food Fire and Folk’ at Carnwadric, engaging the community in creating a healthy meal outdoors. Over Winter 2016, Roisin co-facilitated a weekly Urban Explorers kids club in the Shields Health Centre garden. Ecology, crafting, bushcraft and preparing the garden for the Spring were the main themes explored. Roisin continues this work in 2017. She also holds the garden volunteers club which is open to everyone, mainly attended by people with autism and mental health issues, together carrying out garden maintenance and herbal medicine craft. Roisin facilitated monthly groups for transformation to Nithsdale and Newark Housing Association and in Hartlaw Housing Association gardens, engaging elderly people with nature. She has also contributed to many one-off community events; offering wet felt sessions, scarecrow creation, peg loom blanket crafting, bushcraft show and tell, tree id, planting sessions, nature games and herbal medicine. Roisin volunteered with the Dig In Micro-bakery project in Govan.


Woodworks, Centre for Stewardship, Falkland 

Apprenticeship, March 2016 til Summer 2017

Participated in the initial woodworks weekend crafting a chopping board, the design jam for livelihood development, a weekend tanning course and a wilderness living skills weekend course. During this time Roisin was inspired by the local ecological farming business Meadowsweet Organics and Turtle Tents travelling canvas tent business. She still tends connection with these projects.


The Hive Cooperative, Portugal

Project co-ordinator, March til July 2015
Administration support, Communications, Gardening, Cook, Addiction therapist. Insightful experience into how not to initiate an intentional community.


Twa Corbies Apothecary, Glasgow 

Self-employed craft and nutritional offerings selling hand-made wares at markets, 2014 til present in collaboration with Seamus Donnelly.


Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team 

Roisin founded the student led environmental and sustainability department of Glasgow University in 2011. She committed three years to the development of the organisation. Roisín evolved the project to employ over 40 different students part time alongside their studies. The work of GUEST has catalysed the university to climb 50 places up the People and Planet Green League. Under Roisin’s guidance GUEST has become the student-led environmental sustainability department of the University of Glasgow. When Roisín helped steer the organisation; GUEST worked to encourage collaborations between management, academics, students, and organisations within the wider local community. It was the principal aim of the team to improve the environmental practice of the University of Glasgow. They strived to encourage positive transformations to promote sustainability across all levels of the University. Roisín devoted time to supporting the members of the team. Roisín secured funding by writing funding bids and built up a positive reputation for the organisation. She ensured goals were achieved within budget and reported findings to funders. She also initiated the thriving environmental communication platforms of GUEST which focused on face to face engagement; stalls, workshops and events such as Go Green Week and The Environmental Careers Fair, as well as online presence. This contributed towards an actively ecologically aware and caring community. Roisín wove into the organisation the importance of diversity ensuring that people of diverse ages, origins, backgrounds and professions were included within the team and their voices were heard in response to improving GU environmental practice. Professional presentations and reports were written frequently. Internal and external networking within the university, academic institutes and environmental organisations was generated by Roisín. She strived to engage the local community; especially local people to hear their voice and build bridges between them and the university folk. This became a full time position alongside full time undergraduate studies.

Here is a wee film about the project and fellow collaborators.

Remembrance Day for Lost Species

30th November 2016, Roisín collaborated with Svenja Merricks to raise awareness of the impact of the Anthropocene and the rate of extinction. They co-held a Lost Species Ceilidh, sharing poetry connected to remembrance and ecology and sharing plans for a Life Cairn in Glasgow.
30th November 2016, Roisin co-facilitated a kids club with the theme of remembrance for Lost Species, including tarp time travel, exploring cards with information on extinct species, role play and decorating a tree in remembrance.
In years previous Roisin made a banner ‘We wander with Lost Species’, and collaborated with Svenja to create street art outside Faslane and a Kelvin river side ritual.


Once upon Today 

Since Winter 2012 this has been an on-going evolving personal project with many active threads but a focus on the exploration of communicating environmental issues through creative release and connection to place; storytelling, sculpture, upcycling crafts, film showings, poetry, gaelic song, folklore and herbal medicine. Outcomes so far have been workshops and events with the Amazon Awareness Network and Woodlands Community Garden and the Glasgow Science Festival.